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A Must-See Online Student Success Story (Plus, Study Tips from our inhouse LEMS mentor)

Stephenson Achenkeng is a driver of digital transformation from Johannesburg South Africa, and on the 29th of April 2022, he made the decision to enrol in an online course with Pacific Training Group. Studying the Diploma of Information Technology (Cyber Security) online allowed him to improve his skillset while engaging in online learning projects that would prove invaluable upon graduation.

Pacific Training Group offers students Australian recognised qualifications, which Stephenson utilised to propel further into the tech industry. With the successful completion of their course, this individual is now a Cyber Security professional ready for any challenge!


Stephenson is a true success story when it comes to online learning. He attributes his achievement largely to the support system provided by his dedicated trainer, Shabesan. In his appreciation message, he also proudly talks about his positive experience with one of our Learner Experience & Mentoring Services (LEMS) mentor, Ines Edmilao.

This excellent combination provided by PTG, has put him on the road to success, helping him make the most of his online learning experience and grow in confidence with the successful passing of each test and assignment.

Stephenson’s inspiring journey shows us that when combined with an effective support system, our dreams of succeeding in life can be achieved.


Hi Joe,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to further my education by accepting me into your institution and having faith in me.

I’d like to thank my trainer, Shabesa, and my mentor, Ines, who were both there to help me in the early stages of my course, especially when I was still learning how to navigate the online platform.

I not only have a diploma in information technology, but I also understand what online learning is and how to position myself between jobs.

This diploma has just opened the door for me to resume my career in IT as a senior level, as I have no plans to sit and look back, but rather to continue my education. The skills I gained from the qualification corresponded to the path I chose, and this gives me the confidence to recommend your school to others.

To add to that, I did some online research before deciding on an Australian Qualification from Pacific Training Group. With PTG, I am confident that my credentials are recognised and will be accepted anywhere in the world.

Stephen Achenkeng
Diploma of IT (Cyber Security) Graduate

What support did Stephenson receive from the LEMS Program?

The Learner Experience and Mentoring Services (LEMS) team was formed to assist students who are having difficulty studying online. Ines, from the LEMS team, also shared her mentoring experience with us.

Can you tell us the story about how your sessions went with Stephenson?

Stephenson was referred to LEMS for assessment assistance. The learning sessions with Stephenson were always a breeze. Despite the time difference, Stephenson and I were able to find a time that worked for both of us to meet and do his video recordings that he needed assistance with. Stephenson understood what was expected of him in the video recordings and was able to create a script for each of his assessments as well as what they needed to do for the scenarios.

What the best advice can you give to our online students?

Our online students’ biggest challenge, from what I have observed in the LEMS sessions, is knowing why they need the information they are reading about. My advice is to read up first on the introduction and even their assessment objectives so that while reading, they’ll know right away how they can use this information. We can easily forget things we read, so by doing this, they’ll know right away where they can use what they’ve just read.

Online learning sounds easy with the availability of the internet everywhere. But it can be daunting for those who are working, so time management is key as well as working smart.


About Ines Edmilao

Ines is one of Pacific Training Group’s course developers who enjoys assisting PTG students through the LEMS program. She has also worked as a trainer in Learning and Development for over seven years and is a financial adviser.

In her spare time, she enjoys going on adventures and traveling around the world. Ines truly brings value to the team in everything she does.

If you’d like to learn more about studying an Australian Qualification with PTG, you can book a free one on one consultation with one of our education advisers by clicking here or send us an email at [email protected].