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In-Demand Jobs in Human Resources


The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a change in the employment landscape. Gone are the days of driving to work, grabbing a quick coffee or tea and working arm and arm with colleagues to finish projects until the clock strikes five. In its place is a growing number of employees working remotely, about 40% as of August 2021, trading in their office wear for a dress shirt, a tie and pyjama bottoms.

This has put a challenge for businesses in the form of increased digitisation and hybrid working environments, and as a result, a significant increase in the roles played by HR and HR professionals. The demand for HR professionals who can take the lead in upskilling managers and employees and overcome skills shortages as well as reinvent retention and attraction strategies is currently outstripping the supply especially within the following roles, so if you have the passion for a career in human resources, read on!

In-Demand Jobs in Human Resources


The HR Business Partner is what you would call the venerable Jack-of-all-trades of the human resources world. Handling everything from hiring and benefits to employee relations and compliance, HRBPs (as they are more commonly called) work closely with organisation leaders and managers to build their personnel capability, plan and manage talent and develop strategies to achieve shared organisational objectives.


Talent Acquisition Specialists or TAs specialise in the role of sourcing, attracting, and interviewing prospective employees to find the right personnel to match organisational goals. TAs are currently in very high demand as they provide organisations with a competitive advantage in a new and challenging post-lockdown labour market, with organisations looking for individuals who can bridge short-term talent gaps and have the foresight to respond to long-term needs in terms of trends and organisational expectations.



HR Managers are the bus drivers and middlemen of the human resources team. While their main role is administrative, they also consult with organisational leaders to plan strategies and liaise between management and staff. HR Managers who understand well-being, inclusion and enhance the overall working environment are sought after while those skilled in performance management and engaging employees in an increasingly locationally diverse workforce are now in progressively higher demand.



HR Advisors and HR Managers are often mistaken for one another, but they fill two very different niches. While the HR Manager will start with a diagnosis and an explanation, an HR Advisor will base a solution almost exclusively on technical knowledge. HR Advisors research and recommend performance evaluation methods, and monitor and review HR policies to make sure that they are in line with current legislation. Businesses are on the lookout for HR Advisors who can help develop and implement improved methods to keep pace with increased digitisation and hybrid working environments.



Lastly, Remuneration and Benefits Specialists or what are more commonly called as Rem and Bens or Comp and Bens (short for Compensation and Benefits) are the ones responsible for managing and administering employee compensation and benefit programs. From government contributions, health and life insurances, all the way to an employee’s retirement plan, Rem and Bens assist employees in finding the best solution out of all their benefit options. Being such a uniquely specialised group, Rem and Bens are perpetually in demand, even before the pandemic!


As economies continue to recover, the HR professional’s role will increasingly become more pivotal as organisations reequip to face the challenges of a new and increasingly digital work environment. Do you see yourself as an integral part of an organisation in any of the roles mentioned above? It’s a good thing that PTG’s Human Resource Management courses can provide you with the essentials to provide a solid foundation for this career! Find out more about it today!