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Why should you Consider a Career in Digital Marketing

Choosing a career path can be a challenging process. While the rest of the world go through on average 5-7 career changes in their lifetime, the number is a lot higher in Australia, with estimates showing an average of 13 career changes.

Fields like Digital Marketing are probably one of the best reasons for these career changes. Being a Digital Marketer is not what one normally considers as a dream job, but if you consider the fact that the top reasons for a career change is the desire to do something more fulfilling, to have a better earning potential and a longing to pursue passions, you will realise that a career in Digital Marketing makes sense!

Is it worth considering a career in Digital Marketing? We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should!

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Digital Marketing Specialist is the 2nd most in-demand role in the Asia-Pacific region, and Digital Marketing jobs are expected to grow by 11.4% all the way to 2026. An ever-increasing number of internet users is driving the demand for Digital Marketers, with 77.4% of businesses investing in website optimisation and 69% investing in digital media.

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It’s safe to say that the high demand for Digital Marketers is due to the affordability and analytics Digital Marketing offers compared to traditional marketing. Being able to see how much traffic an ad generates, what that traffic does on the website and which tactics produce the highest ROI is a previously unheard-of concept, and it allows Digital Marketers to use the data to prove their worth.


Want to switch to a different specialisation within the same field? In Digital Marketing, you can build on existing skills by learning new ones. You will also have the opportunity to explore different industries like fashion, education and mobile marketing while working with them!


There are countless high-paying jobs on offer, but Digital Marketing gives you an advantage as the quality and success of the work you provide is readily available via analytics. This means you can show your superiors your work, have them review the analytics, and negotiate a remuneration as soon as an opportunity arrives!

All in all, a career in Digital Marketing is perfect for those considering a career change or even for people who are just starting out on their journey. What do you think? Is Digital Marketing a career path you can see yourself in? Find out more about it by visiting our Digital Marketing webpage!

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