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9 Lucrative Event Management Career Options in Australia

9 Lucrative Event Management Career Options in Australia

What Can You Do With An Event Management Diploma?

Have you ever attended an incredibly well-run event before? From the speakers to the decor, the entertainment to the catering, everything running like clockwork? Although the end result might appear effortless, there’s actually a huge amount of work required to pull an event together, and that complex work is done by event managers.

Events have many moving parts and therefore require the presence of competent individuals to oversee them. Skilled event managers are in high demand, and we’ve compiled a list of possible careers that you could pursue with the right qualification.

9 Lucrative Event Management Career Options in Australia

1. Event Planner
(Average Salary: $87,283 (AUD)/yr)

An event planner is responsible for organising and facilitating special events, large gatherings, and functions. They select the event theme, develop a budget, select a suitable venue, plan the menu, and hire other event professionals if required. They can be responsible for planning a wide range of events from casual parties, corporate gatherings, ceremonies, anniversaries, meetings, conferences to virtual events. Event planners are highly sought after all around Australia, with the experienced ones sometimes earning up to $107,261.

2. Venue Manager
(Average Salary: $80,458 (AUD)/yr)

Venue managers oversee activities related to the use of a venue and its facilities. They’re responsible for general venue bookings, hotel accommodation, halls, conference centres, and theatres. They also make sure that all equipment is in good shape and ensure the safety of the venue and equipment. According to Salary Expert, entry-level and senior venue managers earn between $60,344 and $97,404.

9 Lucrative Event Management Career Options in Australia

3. Director of Events
(Average Salary: $112,194 (AUD)/yr)

Directors of events are responsible for giving an event a creative direction. They create execution strategies and plan activities that make events colourful, memorable, and impactful. They may also take on the task of negotiating terms and fees with speakers, entertainers, and programme facilitators. The salary of an event director ranges between $79,568 and $139,245, making them top earners in the event management industry.

4. Social Media Coordinator
(Average Salary: $61,144 (AUD)/yr)

The services of social media coordinators are required in virtually all industries. For example, event planners employ social media experts to promote their events on social media. They also design digital campaigns and do live feeds to showcase events in real-time, thus expanding their online presence. Experienced social media experts often earn around $75,202 yearly. Not bad for a flexible career path and in-demand service.

9 Lucrative Event Management Career Options in Australia

5. Entertainment Manager
(Average Salary $82,057 (AUD)/yr)

Entertainment managers are responsible for making an event delightful for guests. They add colour to events by keeping participants entertained, selecting the right entertainer, and providing activities that keep the audience engaged. The highest-paid entertainment managers earn around $101,257, with an average bonus of $2,659 yearly. This salary is good enough to earn them a spot on our list.

6. Wedding Planner
(Average Salary $70,919 (AUD)/yr)

Wedding planners assist newlyweds in organising their weddings and reception. They handle every aspect of a wedding, from finding a venue to choosing decorations, ordering the wedding cake, designing floral arrangements, booking caterers, and scheduling wedding music. With some experience, salaries can range from $52,536 to $86,428 for the average wedding planner in Australia.

9 Lucrative Event Management Career Options in Australia

7. Corporate Event Planner
(Average Salary $51,016 (AUD)/yr)

Corporate event planners organise and manage various corporate events, such as conferences, workshops, product releases, press interviews, annual general meetings, stakeholders briefings, staff or industry award ceremonies, and customer social engagements. Salaries for this position are between $40,172 and $61,393 per year.

8. Fundraising Manager
(Average Salary $101,667 (AUD)/yr)

Fundraising managers organise, plan, and coordinate fundraising programs for charities or other causes. They develop and implement policies, determine the best fundraising strategies, and set fundraising goals according to their organisation’s objectives. With the suitable qualification and experience, a fundraising manager could earn up to $126,284, making them one of the top earners not just in the event management industry but the entire Australian workforce.

9 Lucrative Event Management Career Options in Australia

9. Campaign Manager
(Average Salary $106,558 (AUD)/yr)

Campaign coordinators plan events for political campaigns, enabling politicians to connect with their audience and meet constituents. They host rallies, meet and greets, speeches, and other events to give a political candidate a platform. Campaign coordinators are well paid, owing to the critical nature of their job. On average, someone with around 8 years of experience in this field can earn up to $132,575 per annum.


Event management is one of the biggest industries globally, and there are loads of career options to choose from. According to a recent press release, the events industry was valued at $1,135.4 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $1,552.9 billion by 2028, registering a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.2% from 2021 to 2028.

The above facts show that the industry is ever-growing, and with the level of available expertise, you could make a great career if you have the passion and drive. We, at Pacific Training Group, can help you take the first step towards launching an excellent event management career. You may obtain either a Certificate III, Diploma, or an Advanced Diploma of Event Management, and you’re one step closer to landing your dream job.

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