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How to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job in Australia

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Getting a digital marketing job has become a lot easier in recent years.

The rise of virtual learning and online learning platforms means it’s easier than ever to bridge the skill gap and get your foot in the door for the industry you want. Not to mention, companies are normally willing to pay more for a trained digital marketer than someone without an official qualification.

But how do you become a digital marketer and build a successful career in the industry?

Tag along as we expand a little bit on how to land your dream job here in Australia.

A career in Digital Marketing

Becoming a digital marketer is a good move for your career. No matter what they do or sell, every business needs marketing. Although there’s a lot of information out there about how to get into marketing, it all boils down to learning the skills that will add value to businesses.


Because businesses rely on digital marketing to grow. They need it to solidify their branding, connect with their customers, and of course- increase their revenue.

Digital marketing has a direct impact on whether or not a company succeeds. It makes sense that they’re constantly searching for the most highly skilled creative thinkers to help them achieve their goals.

To land a high-paying digital marketing job (and who doesn’t want that!), the most helpful thing you can do for yourself and your career is to be intentional about acquiring specific, in-demand skills.

How to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job in Australia

How to Find the Right Online Platform to Learn Digital Skills

There are plenty of options when it comes to online courses. Whether you’re just starting out or you want to improve your skills in a specific area, there’s a course for you.

That being said, your education directly impacts your career, so it’s important to think carefully before choosing.

Here’s what to look for when choosing an online course.

1. Competence

Online learning platforms are springing up all over the place and they’re all competing for your attention.

Don’t get carried away by the hype or by a pretty website. Take the time to read through their material carefully to make sure they have what it takes to teach you.

  • How much experience do they have?
    How much experience do they have?The longer they’ve been teaching, the more likely they are to have gotten the hang of teaching online. Fewer glitches and smoother systems will make your studies easier.
  • Are the teachers qualified?
    Are the teachers qualified?Look for reviews about the teachers and faculty, and check out the teachers’ qualifications.
  • Is the course accredited?
    Is the course accredited?What qualification will you have when you finish and is it nationally recognised?

2. Course Structure

Before signing up for a course, you want to get a proper feel for what it will be like working through it. Take the time to absorb this information and ask yourself if it will work for you, your needs, your other commitments, and your lifestyle.

  • Does the course cover topics you’re interested in?
    Does the course cover topics you’re interested in?Does the flow of topics make sense? Would you feel confident and competent after completing the course?
  • What learning formats are supported?
    What learning formats are supported?Do they have activities in different formats to keep you engaged? Do they accommodate visual and aural learners?
  • How big is the class?
    How big is the class?Are there opportunities to interact with other students? What is the student to teacher ratio?

Is the schedule flexible?
Is the schedule flexible?Do you have to commit to live classes at certain times? Do those times work for you? Or can you study at a time that suits your individual lifestyle?

3. Approach

Every unique situation requires a unique approach. Although physical classrooms used to be the norm, online teaching is a whole other ballgame and teachers need to adapt.

Here at Pacific Training Group, we provide all of the necessary help and offer a more personalised approach to online learning. When you’re working your way through our online courses, you’ll have all the support you need to get a fantastic outcome.

4. Pricing

Finally, pricing. Some online courses may be eligible for government assistance, and others won’t be. The pricing has to be realistic and most importantly, affordable for you.

Pacific Training Group offers flexible pricing options that make all our courses accessible- without compromising on quality teaching.

Whether you’re a professional and you want a career change or you’re new to the workforce, ambitious, and ready to fast-track your career, there’s an engaging and affordable option for you.

Want to see for yourself?

Start your digital marketing journey. Apply online today.