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Skill Versus Talent

Even if you haven’t heard of American Football, there’s a chance that the name Tim Tebow might ring a bell. He was quoted as saying:

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

It’s a popular quote, one that has resonated with millions of people worldwide. It speaks of those who put the work in, those who spend countless hours day in and day out putting in the effort learning and perfecting their craft. Skill. Talent is something you are born with, whereas skill is acquired by no other means than time and effort. It drives home the fact that success is not reserved for those blessed with natural abilities but can be a product of effort and time.

In this regard, there are lots of roles that require skill. Carpentry, painting and decorating, jewellery-making and metalworking are some industries that require skill, with pay being proportional to the amount of experience one has. Apprenticeship training is often observed in such industries, and it is not uncommon for schools that teach courses related to these industries to weigh in the experience a student has in relation to the course that they’re studying when deciding the units they will take.


Did you know that Pacific Training Group has now added two such courses? In our efforts to expand on the training that we provide and to make sure that our courses cater to real-world demands, we have recently added the Certificate III in Painting and Decorating and the Diploma of Interior Design to our already considerable portfolio.

Around 76% of Painting and Decorating trade workers work full-time hours, which is 10% above the average of all jobs in Australia (66%). The Australian government has even listed this trade in the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), meaning that demand for workers in this industry is guaranteed!

On the other hand, for Interior Designers, this industry generates around 7,800 new jobs annually, and the demand for Interior Designers often correspond to the demand for Architects as the requirement for the two almost always go hand in hand.


So, what do you think about a new career in Painting & Decoration? While we can’t all be Picassos, Van Goghs or Michelangelo’s, you have to remember that the Taj Mahal, the Angkor Wat, and the entire city of Machu Picchu were all built by skilled hands. The modern era is built on the everyday efforts of tradespeople who work hard day in and day out, just like Tim Tebow, to be just a little bit better every day.


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