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Top 5 High Paying Jobs in Australia That Don’t Require a Degree

Go to university, get a good job, get married, have kids.

We’ve all heard it. And back in the day, that used to be a good, solid path to take. People in older generations still believe that you need a university degree to get a good job and while a degree can help in some industries, things have changed. A lot.

Nowadays, organisations take a skills-based approach to hiring rather than the traditional degree-based approach. They look more at what you can do and aren’t as caught up in how you learned it. This method has opened up more opportunities for people without a degree to get the jobs they want and live successful, happy lives.

But do these kinds of jobs really exist? Where exactly can you find them?

In this article, we’ll be doing a quick run-through of the 5 highest paying jobs you can get in Australia. Without a degree.

1. Electrician

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We depend on electricity for almost all of our daily activities. Whether we’re boiling water for a cup of coffee or using heavy-duty equipment for industrial work, the things we use constantly often get worn out. And when they do, we need them fixed- fast. That’s why we’ll always need the services of electricians, and it’s probably also the reason electricians are well paid.

As a matter of fact, the average salary for electricians in Australia is $86,731 per annum. That’s almost double the Australian minimum wage ($40,000).

To become an electrician, you need to complete an Electrician Apprenticeship that helps you specialise in any sector. When you’re done, you’ll have the flexibility to choose to work in the industrial or domestic sectors.

2. Project Manager

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Project managers are among the highest-paid professionals in Australia, with an average salary of $128,070. Project managers need to be supremely organised and manage tasks, timelines, workers, clients, and stakeholders. They’re responsible for making sure projects are completed on time and on budget. From building a website to running an international campaign or building a bridge, project managers will always have important, well-paid work to do.

This is a great career path to follow if you haven’t made up your mind already and our Project Management courses can give you all of the skills that you need to get started.

3. Construction Manager

Everything You Need to Know About Project Management

Construction managers supervise and coordinate a range of building projects from start to finish. Kind of like a project manager but focusing on the construction industry. The continuous boom of the real estate industry in Australia means there’s a strong demand for construction managers which doesn’t look like it’ll be disappearing any time soon.

Similar to project managers, construction managers also rank among the highest-paid professionals in Australia. According to, an entry-level construction manager can earn about $80,750 while those with more experience earn up to $182,973.

To become certified in this field, you’ll need to enrol for certification programs in one of Australia’s Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes.

4. Fitness Instructor

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The fitness industry is thriving, there’s no doubt about that. According to Statista, there are more than 5,133 gyms and fitness centers across Australia with a market size of $3 billion. No wonder fitness instructors can earn an average salary of $97,500!

People are more aware of their health and well-being than ever. They know that to stay healthy, they have to pay more attention to their fitness. Not only this, but people have also realised that you can’t always get the results you want by doing it alone. With fitness instructors, you can triple your results and achieve fitness goals faster.

5. Digital Marketing Manager

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Digital marketing is the lifeline of modern businesses. No matter what a business sells or what services they provide, they’ll always rely on digital marketing to reach as wide an audience as possible and grow.

Not only is digital marketing an interesting career path because of its diverse disciplines, but it has also proven, over the years, to be a moneymaker for a lot of businesses. Businesses are willing to pay high salaries when they see such direct returns on their investment!

With an average annual salary of $100,008 based on 51 salaries, digital marketing has cemented its place as one of the highest paying jobs you can get in Australia without having a university degree.

Interested in studying digital marketing, project management or other online courses? Check out our exciting range of courses today.