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Why get into Interior Design


Are you looking for an exciting and dynamic career which is both creative and fulfilling? Do you have a passion for transforming spaces, understanding human behaviour, and creating beautiful designs that last? If so, interior design could be the perfect step in your professional journey. Not only does it provide a range of career options with diverse tasks and responsibilities; it’s also highly rewarding both financially and creatively. From working directly with clients to showing off your talents on the catwalks at top fashion shows – the world of interior design offers something for everyone! Let’s dive into why getting into interior design could be just what you need to take your life in a whole new direction.

Why get into Interior Design

1. Rising Demand

Interior design has seen a surge in demand in recent years, with homeowners wanting their space to reflect their personal tastes and interests. Moreover, businesses, hospitality organisations, and even public places require interior designers to help create appealing spaces that boost their brand and image. As a result, there is a growing demand for interior designers all over the world.

2. High Earning Potential

Interior designers are highly sought-after professionals and their earnings reflect that. With a median salary of over AU$81,500 annually, interior designers make a decent amount of money. Additionally, those who establish their own successful businesses or climb the ladder in design agencies can earn upwards of AU$100,000 a year.

Why get into Interior Design

3. Creative Versatility

Interior design is a highly versatile field that allows people to work in various roles. You could work in residential or commercial design, depending on your interests. Additionally, you might enjoy working with different types of clients and on different projects. Whether it’s designing a cosy home or a luxurious hotel lobby, there are endless opportunities to showcase your creativity.

4. Skill Development

Interior design requires a combination of technical and creative skills. As an interior designer, you will learn about architecture, building regulations, and safety codes. You will also develop your artistic and design skills, as well as your ability to manage teams and communicate effectively with clients. Working in this field will ensure that you are always learning and always pushing yourself to develop new skills and deliver better designs.

Why get into Interior Design

5. Job Satisfaction

Being an interior designer is not just about earning a pay check; it’s about the satisfaction of seeing your work come to life. Whether it’s watching a homeowner walk into their newly decorated home or seeing a client’s business thrive because of the appealing design you created, the job satisfaction is unparalleled. As an interior designer, your work is visible, tangible, and appreciated by those who benefit from it.

Why get into Interior Design

Interior design is a career that can be both financially and emotionally rewarding. The demand for interior designers is growing, making it a lucrative option. An interior design career offers the perfect opportunity to channel your creativity and sharpen your technical skills while achieving job satisfaction by transforming your clients’ visions into reality. If you possess a passion for design and have an eye for style and detail, then pursuing a career in interior design can be an excellent path for you.

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