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Applied Blockchain

Your doorway to an emerging technology

According to LinkedIn, Blockchain is the number one hard skill needed in 2020. Its demand is rapidly increasing across various industries. With Applied Blockchain courses, you’ll get to work on real life projects giving you the experience you need to achieve competencies.

10849NAT Diploma of Applied Blockchain

Develop skills in applying blockchain technologies and learn how to conduct researching and crafting new business models, model disruptive business systems, creating value, transition organisational and develop high-demand specialised skills.


1.5 academic year (6 terms of 10 weeks plus term breaks)

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10747NAT Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain

Master blockchain technologies through facilitating interoperability of blockchain networks, leading governance and stewardship of blockchain ecosystems, evaluating blockchain network performance and alignment to business models, and learn how to create blue ocean strategies.


1.75 academic years (7 terms of 10 weeks plus term breaks)

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Study Topics

Establish a blockchain framework
Apply the tenets of blockchain
Blockchain business model implementation
Disintermediation within a blockchain business model
Develop a blockchain team business model
Apply Big Data to blockchain marketing strategies
Blockchain network governance ecosystem
Apply blockchain to the Internet of Things
Network functional requirements specification
Operating a blockchain network
Strategic network framework for interoperability
Transitioning operations to a blockchain network
Recruitment strategy for blockchain projects
Marketing Process & Effectiveness
Innovation & Continuous Improvement
Organisation Development
Organisation Leadership
Advanced Diploma