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Diploma of Applied Blockchain

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Diploma of Applied Blockchain

Get qualified and make a career in the high-growth Blockchain industry and apply your skills within your present job or for an exciting new career.

Develop skills in applying blockchain technologies and learn how to conduct researching and crafting new business models, model disruptive business systems, creating value, transition organisational and develop high-demand specialised skills.

Gain skills that can be used anywhere

Learn in a style that suits you

Get the qualifications that employers want


This course is designed to be completed within 1 year and 6 months. 

Study Mode

This course is delivered in a blended mode consisting of Online and on Campus study in Sydney or the Gold Coast.

This course is also available to be completed 100% online.

Areas Covered
  • Researching and crafting new business models 
  • Modelling disruptive business systems 
  • Creating value, efficiencies and new opportunities 
  • Transitioning organisational systems to new and emerging technologies 
  • Attractive emerging tech curriculum 
  • Units in Big Data, IoT, and AI 
  • Non-technical. Management and implementation focused 
  • No formal pre-requisites 
  • Pragmatic and project-based 
  • High-demand specialised skills 
Course Units
  • BLKEBF001 Establish a blockchain framework for decentralized peer to peerconsensus and innovation 
  • NAT10849001 Apply the tenets of blockchain to create value 
  • NAT10849002 Plan for a blockchain business model implementation 
  • NAT10849003 Plan for disintermediation within a blockchain business model 
  • NAT10849004 Develop a blockchain team business model 
  • NAT10849005 Apply Big Data to blockchain marketing strategies 
  • NAT10849006 Work within a blockchain network governance ecosystem 
  • NAT10849007 Apply blockchain to the Internet of Things 
Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities for graduates include:

  • Blockchain Developer 
  • Blockchain Solution Manager 
  • Blockchain Project Architect 
  • Blockchain Quality Engineer 
  • Crypto Brokers/Consultant 
  • Blockchain Legal 
  • Marketing
  • Analysts
  • Accounting
  • Crypto Journalist 
  • Managers
  • Public Relations 

Tanika Berlowitz

Trainer and Assessor

Tanika is an experienced business owner and manager that has worked in I.T. and many various roles of business development such as Systems Management, Marketing and Advertising, Relationship Management and Project Management. She currently manages all marketing Departments and systems for a “remote office” company in the personal insolvency industry.

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Entry Requirements

To ensure that you have every opportunity to succeed in your studies, we need to make sure that your knowledge and skills are right for your chosen qualification. So when you apply for our courses, we will ask for evidence that shows you meet the following requirements:

  • Age: 18 years or above
  • Education: Completion of at least 11 years of formal schooling
  • English: An upper-intermediate level of English or higher
  • Equipment: Laptop computer and access to internet connection to study in class and/or online.
  • Course-Specific Entry Requirement: Students must have vocational experience at a management or team leader level and demonstrate experience in basic Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and basic business planning.

Students without industry vocational experience will attend an interview to determine their understanding of Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, and of business planning and operations.

Students studying fully online: To meet the above requirements please provide a passport or other valid identify documentation when applying to study with Pacific Training Group. You will also be required to undertake an LLN questionnaire after we have received your application. Once enrolment is confirmed, you will need to use your laptop and internet to undertake your course.

Students studying on a student visa: To meet the above requirements please provide a passport, certificate of your highest level of study, and any English test that you have undertaken when applying to study with us. If you are unsure of what you need to provide please click the link below or contact us; we will also contact you if further information is required. Once enrolment is confirmed, you will need to use your laptop and internet to undertake your course.

Click here for more details on meeting PTG’s entry requirements.

English Language Pathway

If you don’t yet meet our English Entry requirements, we can help get you there. We’ve partnered with Sunshine Coast International College (SCIC) to offer non-English speaking students the chance to work on their English language skills either on-campus in Australia or online from anywhere in the world before progressing through to any of our vocational online or blended courses. You can learn more about our English Pathways Program

Price and Payment Options
Full Course Fee$6120
Per Term
Monthly (18 payments)$340
Fortnightly (36 payments)$170
Weekly (72 payments)$85
Full Course Fee$12000
Per Term (6 payments)$2000
Monthly (18 payments)$667
Gold Coast
Full Course Fee$12000
Per Term (6 payments)$2000
Monthly (18 payments)$667

Additional fees:

  • Enrolment fee: $200 AUD paid at time of enrolment (Campus), $50 AUD (Online)
  • Material fee: $100 AUD paid at time of commencement (Campus)
  • No material fee for online courses
  • Discounts are available for upfront payments
Further Study

Successfully complete 10849NAT Diploma of Applied Blockchain and receive credit towards our 10747NAT Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain. This reduces the Advanced Diploma course from 7 terms (1 year 9 months) to 6 terms (1 year 6 months).

Explore our other nationally recognised courses here:

10747NAT Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain

Learn how to facilitate the inter-operability of blockchain networks for the governance and stewardship of blockchain ecosystems. Evaluate blockchain network performance and its alignment to business models. Utilise blockchain technologies within blue ocean strategies.

You will learn:

  • Critical thinking and strategy
  • Project management
  • Developing framework
  • Recruiting for Blockchain projects
  • Smart contracts

Standard Duration

1 year 9 months (7 terms of 10 weeks plus term breaks)

What our students say

“Approachable staff and trainers, excellent location, and world-class curriculum!”


Event Management Student

“Pacific Training Group is just fantastic as I love networking and this gives me the opportunity to meet important people in the industry which is definitely one of the most important things in our current job market.”


Hospitality Management Student

"I was attending Zoom seminar session on Tuesday with Leanne Wiseman which was brilliantly done."


Hospitality Management Student

"The Leadership and Management course subjects have taught me valuable skills and techniques that I have already implemented in my workplace, so I know the knowledge is very useful. "


Leadership and Management Student

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