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Advanced Diploma of Program Management

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Advanced Diploma of Program Management

Develop advanced skills in project leadership and management from the development of organisational objectives to successful implementation of operational goals. Gain a Advanced Diploma in Program Management to put you on the right track in your project management career.

Gain skills that can be used anywhere

Learn in a style that suits you

Get the qualifications that employers want


This course is designed to be completed within 1 year and 3 months. 

Study Mode

This Course can be completed on Campus in Sydney and the Gold Coast and Online.

Areas Covered
  • Developing business cases 
  • Managing program finances, risk and governance 
  • Engaging in collaborative alliances and communities of practice 
  • Managing innovation and continuous improvement 
  • Program execution and implementation 
  • Business case development 
  • Finance
  • Continuous innovations 
  • Mentorship
  • High demand skills 
Course Units
  • BSBPMG630 Enable program execution
  • BSBPMG634 Facilitate stakeholder engagement
  • BSBPMG635 Implement program governance
  • BSBPMG636 Manage benefits
  • BSBPMG633 Provide leadership for the program
  • BSBPMG637 Engage in collaborative alliances
  • BSBFIN601 Manage organisational finances
  • ICTICT616 Develop communities of practice
  • PSPMGT006 Develop a business case
  • BSBPMG632 Manage program risk
  • BSBSTR601 Manage innovation and continuous improvement
  • BSBWHS516 Contribute to developing, implementing and maintaining an organisation’s WHS management system
Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities for graduates include:

  • Project Director
  • Project Management Section Leader
  • Project Manager
  • Project Administrator
  • Program Manager
  • Helpdesk and customer service manager
  • Project assistant
  • Assistant event planner
  • Team Leader
  • Sales Manager

Patrick Mickel

Trainer and Assessor

Patrick has been training in Asia and Australia for the last 8 years in various roles working as a Corporate Trainer, Trainer/Assessor and Instructional Designer. He has worked on billion-dollar projects in a leadership role, most recently on the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

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Rosan Lal

Trainer and Assessor

Rosan Lal has a wealth of experience as a trainer and his experience includes working with international and local volunteers and students in numerous developing countries. He has developed many innovative community services projects and in addition, Rosan has worked in the Disability sector.

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Berry Salem

Trainer and Assessor

Berry Salem has an innate desire for knowledge. Through years of study with multiple business qualifications, she has become a dedicated, trainer and a goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social, academic development and progress of every student as well as accommodating individuals with the talent to provide educational leadership for their success. Although she is excited to work in all aspects of teaching, there is something that is extra rewarding about being a trainer and assessor because it is a role that ties all the skills of her life together. Never one to shy from a challenge, Berry Salem, is ready and able to help ambitious students improve their training in a planned business approach on the road to achievement and success.

Entry Requirements

To ensure that you have every opportunity to succeed in your studies, we need to make sure that your knowledge and skills are right for your chosen qualification. So when you apply for our courses, we will ask for evidence that shows you meet the following requirements:

  • Age: 18 years or above
  • Education: Completion of at least 11 years of formal schooling
  • English: An upper-intermediate level of English or higher
  • Equipment: Laptop computer and access to internet connection to study in class and/or online.
  • Course-Specific Entry Requirement: Entry to this qualification is limited to those who:
    Have completed a Diploma of Project Management qualification.
    Have completed two years equivalent full-time relevant workplace experience at a significant level within a project or program environment within an enterprise.

Students studying fully online: To meet the above requirements please provide a passport or other valid identify documentation when applying to study with Pacific Training Group. You will also be required to undertake an LLN questionnaire after we have received your application. Once enrolment is confirmed, you will need to use your laptop and internet to undertake your course.

Students studying on a student visa: To meet the above requirements please provide a passport, certificate of your highest level of study, and any English test that you have undertaken when applying to study with us. If you are unsure of what you need to provide please click the link below or contact us; we will also contact you if further information is required. Once enrolment is confirmed, you will need to use your laptop and internet to undertake your course.

Click here for more details on meeting PTG’s entry requirements.

English Language Pathway

If you don’t yet meet our English Entry requirements, we can help get you there. We’ve partnered with Sunshine Coast International College (SCIC) to offer non-English speaking students the chance to work on their English language skills either on-campus in Australia or online from anywhere in the world before progressing through to any of our vocational online or blended courses. You can learn more about our English Pathways Program

Price and Payment Options
Full Course Fee$3000
Per Term
Monthly (15 payments)$200
Weekly (60 payments)$50
Full Course Fee$5800
Per Term (5 payments)$1200
Monthly (15 payments)$400
Gold Coast
Full Course Fee$5000
Per Term (5 payments)$1000
Monthly (15 payments)$333

Additional fees:

  • Enrolment fee: $200 AUD paid at time of enrolment (Campus), $50 AUD (Online)
  • Material fee: $100 AUD paid at time of commencement (Campus)
  • No material fee for online courses
  • Discounts are available for upfront payments
Further Study

Successfully complete our BSB61218 Advanced Diploma of Program Management and you’ll be eligible for entry and will gain credit towards the following degrees at the highly-regarded Southern Cross University. 

  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Business in Convention and Event Management

Pacific Training Group graduates will be eligible for direct entry, credits for up to 1 year and have access to scholarships of up to 20% to the following degrees with Ducere Business School:

Explore our other nationally recognised courses here:

BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management

Develop skills in project leadership and management to achieve organisational objectives by effectively leading and managing teams, and managing project scope, time, quality and cost.

You will learn:

  • Lead and manage teams
  • Turn ideas into reality
  • Manage projects
  • Risk, Health and Safety
  • Stakeholder engagement

Standard Duration

1 year 6 months (6 terms of 10 weeks plus term breaks)

What our students say

“Approachable staff and trainers, excellent location, and world-class curriculum!”


Event Management Student

“Pacific Training Group is just fantastic as I love networking and this gives me the opportunity to meet important people in the industry which is definitely one of the most important things in our current job market.”


Hospitality Management Student

"I was attending Zoom seminar session on Tuesday with Leanne Wiseman which was brilliantly done."


Hospitality Management Student

"The Leadership and Management course subjects have taught me valuable skills and techniques that I have already implemented in my workplace, so I know the knowledge is very useful. "


Leadership and Management Student

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