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5 Yoga poses that you complete at your desk

5 Yoga Poses That You Can Complete At Your Desk

You’re sitting at your desk and feeling stiff. You need to get up, but there’s no time for that! Luckily, you can use a few yoga poses to counteract the effects of sitting so much. That is what this blog post is all about- Yoga poses that can be completed while working at your desk.

Desks are often associated with being sedentary. If you’re chained down to your desk all day, it’s important to try and keep moving and remain active even if you don’t have the time or space for a full workout. So, whether you are working from home or studying your course, it is very important that you take a little time out for some self-care.

This Desk Yoga Flow is designed for people who work or study at home or who spend hours at their computer each day while still trying to stay fit. It can be done from anywhere and doesn’t require any special equipment. The movements focus on promoting flexibility as well as opening up your chest so that the energy circulates freely throughout your body and mind.

Try this sequence every 1-2 hours when working or studying from home or at any kind of desk job, especially if you find yourself feeling tired or uncomfortable. This is the ultimate way to feel refreshed and ready to tackle to the next load of work.

Pose 1 – Pigeon pose

5 Yoga Poses that you can complete at your Desk

Bend your left leg and place it on the floor (or desk). Straighten your right leg as much as you can. Engage both of your legs completely so that they are firm, but not tense.

Bring your torso forward over the front thigh, then laterally bend to one side until you feel a stretch in the hips or inner thighs. Hold for 30 seconds before releasing back up into an upright position with hands resting on top of desk or you lap. Repeat on other side.

Pose 2 – Neck Rolls

Neck Rolls are an excellent way to reduce tension and stress. They can also improve your posture, neck mobility, upper back strength and shoulder stability.

Take your shoes off before starting these stretches if you are wearing high heels. Close your eyes, and let your chin drop down to your chest with a gentle neck stretch.

5 Yoga Poses that you can complete at your Desk

Start with your chin on your chest and then begin circling from right ear to shoulder blade, then head back and then left ear to your left shoulder. Be sure to keep your shoulders relaxed. Repeat in slow motion until tension is released or time runs out (3-5 minutes).

This has been shown as an effective way of relieving muscle strain in those who sit at computers all day long! You should be able to feel relief after 3-4 rounds. Try as many reps that you can without feeling pain so that muscles can relax because chances are they need some love too.

Pose 3 – Cat-Cow Stretch

Do you have tight back muscles? If so, this cat-cow stretch is for you! This pose will help to lengthen and relax the spine while also strengthening your core.

5 Yoga Poses that you can complete at your Desk

It’s as easy as pie. Bring both feet together and flat on the floor; next place hands firmly on your knees. Inhale by lifting your chest up high toward ceiling as if trying to touch it (tucking your chin into your neck). Then exhale by rounding your lower back or round your upper body forward placing your head between your legs (only go down far enough where it feels comfortable). Your breath should be smooth throughout whole sequence of movements. Repeat three times

Pose 4 – Eagle Pose

Eagle pose is a great stretch for the lower back and hamstrings.

5 Yoga Poses that you can complete at your Desk

Sit down with your legs crossed. If you can, wrap one leg around the other and move both of your arms to either side of you so that they are parallel on the ground. Then cross one arm over the other to touch palms at chest level while sliding elbows down along spine on each side of body. Repeat this movement alternating sides for a better stretch through your chest muscles. Be sure to keep taking deep breaths to get the most out of this pose.

Pose 5 – Wrist Stretches

When you feel stiff, it is important to take a quick stretch to help alleviate some of the tension. Stretching your wrist is a great way to both relax and release tension in the arm.

5 Yoga Poses that you can complete at your Desk

For this stretch, stand up with an open space of at least one foot behind you (or a little bit more room if possible). Turn your hands so that the insides of your wrists face toward each other while placing them on either side of the desktop or table before pushing away from it with straightened arms.

Lean back as much as necessary for comfort but don’t go too far where you feel pain (you want to avoid getting into any intense stretches.) Hold for 10 seconds and repeat 3-5 times per day.

Sitting at a desk all day can be hard on your body, but it doesn’t have to be. You may not have time for an hour-long yoga class with so much on your plate, so try these poses whenever you need them! Remember that sitting too much isn’t just bad for your back and posture—it also slows down your metabolism and increases stress levels in general. So we recommend that you try moving as often as possible throughout your day.

We would love to see what poses you are trying at home! Be sure to tag us on social media @pacifictrainingeduau with pictures of yourself doing these easy stretches at home or in the office.