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How To Create the Perfect Study Space at Home

How To Create the Perfect Study Space at Home

Where do you prefer to study? At home or school?

If you easily chose the latter, there may be a chance that your home isn’t well-suited for studying. And that situation can be challenging, especially when you have no choice but to study at home.

One of the most important things you can do as a student is to create the right learning environment, as it plays a crucial role in student success. Thankfully, most schools have modern facilities that make focusing on campus easier. But how do you create a perfect study space at home?

The truth is there’s no one-size-fits-all answer because we’re all wired differently. For example, some students prefer to study in the morning while some enjoy studying late at night. Some people prefer to read with music playing in the background, while others prefer a quiet study setting. Finally, some students benefit more from studying alone, while others like peer learning.

Understanding your preferences is key to finding the right balance. We’ve compiled a list of ideas that’ll help you to find what works for you.

1. Choose a favourite spot

Having a dedicated spot for home study helps you get in the zone. As you get used to the space, your mind is then trained to enter the study mode when you’re in that space. Choosing a comfortable spot that you like will help you enjoy spending your time there too.

How To Create the Perfect Study Space at Home

Make the area as comfortable as possible. Personalise the space if you like, but don’t let it get too cluttered. Choose 1 or 2 pieces of artwork, a pot plant, and some nice stationery to help you stay organised.

2. Get an ergonomic chair

If you want to make the most of your studies, you should make your study area a comfort zone- nothing is as distracting as a sore back! An ergonomic chair will help you feel at ease – it prevents neck and back pain, relieves hip pressure, and improves blood circulation. You can study for as long as you want without feeling physically sore or worn out.

How To Create the Perfect Study Space at Home

Besides making you feel comfortable, an ergonomic chair (and a desk that comes up to your waistline) also creates an academic atmosphere. Studying in bed or on a sofa is not always the best option. Get too comfortable and you might have an unplanned nap!

3. Prepare your space for virtual learning

Group assignments and projects sometimes take a large chunk of your time during weekends. So instead of organising a physical meet-up with your colleagues, consider organising virtual co-study sessions via Zoom, Hangouts, or even Discord.

How To Create the Perfect Study Space at Home

You want to prepare your study area to look neat and organised before your online sessions. Provide adequate lighting for your space, no matter how small or enclosed it is. Using a nice wallpaper background can create a cool ambience that sets you in the right learning mood.

4. Organise your space

The purpose of a study environment is to maximise the amount of time you can commit to studying while reducing the amount of work required. Therefore, it’s critical to keep your desk and surrounding space clean and organised so you can focus on the only task that matters – studying. While you might find it calming to tidy up your desk before you start each session, you don’t want to spend hours decluttering your desk every time.

How To Create the Perfect Study Space at Home

Be sure to place your items in their appropriate spots, store your paper waste in a bin, and avoid having stacks of books on your desk. Also, be mindful of bringing in items capable of causing distraction like video games, computers, phones (except if necessary), food, and all sorts of clutter.

Important Note!

Your study space may become your favourite part of your home, especially if you’ve built it to taste. But be careful not to allow your attachment to your space drive you to redefine its purpose. Remember, it’s your study zone, not your cinema, meeting room, or dining area.

We hope this article has given you some ideas on how you can create a personalised study space that makes learning fun. If you need more useful tips on achieving effective learning, we’ll be glad to help. Contact us today.

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