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Please note that we will be closed from the 22nd of December 2022 to the 1st of January 2023. We will reopen on the 2nd of January 2023. Happy Holidays from the team at PTG.


Our Journey So Far Based on Your Survey Responses

Student feedback has always played a big part in determining the direction of every organisation. May it be your local grocer, your employer, or the creator of the app you recently downloaded on your phone or computer, customer/user feedback allows the provider to receive input directly from their subscribers, allowing them to create decisions that will improve their services in the long run.

Here at Pacific Training Group (PTG), we have always been vocal with our intent to work closely with our students to make sure that the education they receive is relevant, engaging, and tantamount to their needs. Want to know what our students have been talking about since enrolling in one of our programs? Continue to read on and let’s find out!

Our Journey So Far Based on Your Survey Responses

Based on our survey results, students have been largely positive about the pre-enrolment process at PTG, achieving a 90% satisfaction rating (4.5 out of 5). They also placed the same rating for the learning platform, with users commenting that the interface is easy to navigate and use and chock-full of relevant and current learning content. In fact, the learning platform has received such favourable responses that students are clamouring to add more courses in!

The staff has also received critical acclaim. At the forefront are the trainers, who have received commendation for being knowledgeable, professional and engaging. The PTGOnline and Student Services teams have also received positive feedback, being able to provide timely and adequate help for such varying issues such as log-in assistance and student requirements.

Here are some of the feedback we have received from our surveys:

  • “Pacific Training Group gives a lot of flexibility in terms of studying. The Hospitality Management course offers work placement which allows me to explore more opportunities. The course gave me a lot of useful information.” – Chun Cin Khor, Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management
  • “I am really enjoying my course because my trainer gives us so much information about every unit. He is very qualified and experienced in his field. I am very happy with my trainer. I will definitely recommend Pacific Training Group to my friends.” – Rajdeep Kaur, Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • “The course material is very helpful and all the resources needed are in there. All the examples are great and really helped a lot.” – Kazi Islam, Diploma of IT (Cyber Security)
  • “I chose Pacific Training Group because a lot of people say good things about this college. I have an amazing trainer and I feel good with the support from the staff.” – Jose Danilo Tibaquira Moyano, Diploma of Project Management
  • “I heard about the school from my friends who had great experience while studying their course with Pacific Training Group. The staff are friendly and are always ready to help. All the times I needed help, I got an answer in less than 24 hours.” – Thiago Dias, Advanced Diploma of Program Management

Our Journey So Far Based on Your Survey Responses

Overall, PTG’s goals have been largely achieved based on the feedback of our students…but that doesn’t mean we’ll coast on this victory for a while. We will continue to strive to provide you, our students, with relevant, practical, and industry-leading education and work harder to help you find success! Here’s to another year of continued partnership, and thank you for your support!

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