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Please note that we will be closed from the 22nd of December 2022 to the 1st of January 2023. We will reopen on the 2nd of January 2023. Happy Holidays from the team at PTG.

Facebook Marketing

Our specially designed modules have been created for any freelancer, agency or small-medium business, looking to unlock the power of the world’s largest social media platform.

Study Mode

This course is 100% online and can be completed at a time convenient to you.


This course is designed to be completed in 20 hours.

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Social Media College

About the Course

Learn from leading social media experts
Our course leaders are experts in using Facebook Marketing and Advertising to increase reach, build brand awareness, and generate new sales.

Use your Facebook strategy with immediate effect
Implement the strategies, templates, and campaign management tools, used on this course and apply them to your Facebook Business Page.

Join a community of like-minded business experts
Share your experiences with other students on the Facebook Marketing course in our vibrant Facebook community.

Key Benefits
After you’ve completed this online course, you’ll learn the essential skills to become an expert in Facebook Marketing and Advertising.

  • Develop structured and engaging campaigns that increase likes
  • Identify and target optimal customer segments for improved ROI
  • Understand how to setup and implement campaigns that work
  • Learn how to analyse the results of paid-for campaigns
  • Implement tracking and retargeting functions to maximise budgets
  • Access tools, tips and techniques to create killer ads
  • Establish a trusted presence and following on Facebook
  • Access our vibrant Facebook group of like-minded marketers
  • Become a member of SMC’s alumni network
  • Add your SMC Certificate of Completion to LinkedIn
What You’ll Learn
  1. Introduction to Facebook Marketing
    Describe Facebook usage rates and list features of key advertising platforms on Facebook.
  2. The Facebook Ads Landscape
    Understand how the Facebook Algorithm works and benefits of advertising on Facebook.
  3. Facebook Marketing Strategy
    Describe buyer stages and Facebook Ads Structure
  4. Facebook Campaigns
    Create a new campaign and content for your strategy.
  5. Facebook Ad Set
    Identify and target your ideal customer segment through paid ads.
  6. Facebook Ad Structure
    Produce creative content that aligns with audience interests.
  7. Community Management
    Create an engaged following who act as brand ambassadors.
  8. Tracking and Retargeting
    Maximise your marketing budget with targeted follow-up ads.
  9. Measurement and Reporting
    Measure results and adjust your strategies to increase effective use of Facebook.
Who is this suitable for?

Business owners and freelancers
Business owners and freelancers – short of time – looking to establish their presence on Facebook and create new opportunities through targeted adverts.

Marketing professionals
Marketing professionals looking to increase ROI for existing clients and demonstrate advanced knowledge of campaign management and analytics to prospective customers.

Agency teams looking to generate new – or improved – revenue streams and want to dominate the social media agency scene with expertise that outperforms the competition.

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I’ve spent some time on Facebook, but I haven’t really reached a positive ROI. Will this course help me achieve that?
Yes, with over 2 billion people on Facebook, we’ll show you how to generate increased customers and sales, maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns, and reach a wider as well as more engaged audience.

Why do I need learn about Facebook Ads?
If you’re not using Facebook Ads, you’re missing out on opportunities. Facebook is only showing your posts to a maximum of 6-10% of your total friends/followers. Compared to other advertising options, Facebook Ads are inexpensive, and you have the benefit of features like instant feedback, detailed targeting, retargeting options, you can reach new audiences, and track your ads performance.

Is it all just theory?
No, right through the course you’ll learn by doing. There’s checklists and templates, discussions, activities and action planning. You’ll walk away with a comprehensive set of resources that you’ll know how to put to work and a clear plan that you can put into action.

Payment Option

1 x Single Payment

AUD $795 AUD $775

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