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Manage Project Times

The Short Course will teach you all about managing projects from start-to-finish, including how to best use your time and make sure everything goes according plan. You’ll learn how you can manage your time, utilise project schedules effectively as well as assess if there are any issues in terms of managing projects on a larger scale or solo-project basis. It involves determining, implementing and assessing project schedules alongside establishing an accurate sense of how well a user manages their workload in order achieve desired outcomes within a timely manner.

Study Mode

This course is 100% online and can be completed at a time convenient to you.


This course is designed to be completed in 35 hours.

What You’ll Learn
  1. Determine project schedules
    Develop the work breakdown structure with sufficient detail to enable effective planning and control and estimate the duration and effort of tasks to achieve project deliverables.
  2. Implement project schedules
    Implement mechanisms to measure, record and report progress of activities in relation to the agreed schedule and review progress throughout the project life cycle.
  3. Assess time-management outcomes
    Review schedule performance records to determine the effectiveness of time-management activities and identify and document time-management issues to assist in recommending improvements.
Who is this suitable for?

This course will suit individuals responsible for managing and leading project’s in an organisation or business. It will also suit consultants that work in a project’s-based role or anyone that is aspiring to move into a project management position.

The benefits of taking this course

Our Project Management short courses can be completed on your schedule and will give you the specific industry experience that you need to excel in your role. These short courses are packed full of interesting information, videos, quizzes and activities to really help you get the most out of your course. You will also have access to our student support team who will be more than happy to assist you with any questions that you may have. Best of all, when you complete your short course, you will get a Certificate of Completion to help you stand out from the crowd and get ahead in your career.

Further Study Options

If you enjoy this short course, then a great option would be to move on to our Diploma or Advanced diploma in project and program management to gain a formal qualification. You can view these courses here.

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Payment Option

1 x Single Payment

AUD $350 AUD $280

Payment Option

1 x Single Payment

AUD $350 AUD $280

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