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Personal Branding

Having a strong personal brand is good for you, your career and your organisation. Building your personal brand doesn’t happen by accident – there’s a specific process to first understand who you are, where you want to go and what you need to get there, then build the relevant assets from social media to websites and finally to leverage what you’ve created to generate leads and make sales.

Study Mode

This course is 100% online and can be completed at a time convenient to you.


This course is designed to be completed in 20 hours.

Delivered by

Social Media College

About the Course

This understand-build-leverage process and the practical application of the ideas directly to your LinkedIn profile (and beyond) is what your personal brand needs to deliver the results you’re after for your career and your organisation.

Learn from leading social media experts
Our course leaders are experts in using social media effectively and you’ll learn from them what your personal brand needs to deliver the results you’re after for your career and your organisation.

Join a community of like-minded business experts
Share your experiences with other students within the Personal Branding course and in our vibrant Facebook community.

Key Benefits
After you’ve completed this online course, you’ll have the essential skills to:

  • Identify the elements of a brand
  • Recognise the connection between people, companies and products
  • Define and describe the stages and elements of the e-ttraction™ method
  • Describe your personality and how it fits with your personal brand
  • Recognise the influence of values and personality on your personal brand
  • Set a clear intention for your personal brand
  • Recognise the difference between owned, earned and paid media
  • Identify the different social media channels and what might work for your brand
  • Recognise the importance of LinkedIn for your personal branding ans set-up your profile for success.
  • Recognise different website elements and the important role a website plays in your marketing strategy
  • Recognise the importance of making Google happy and not taking shortcuts
  • Understand the importance of geolocation and how it can help your brand
  • Identify different tools you can use to find more connections
  • Generate content that places you as a thought leader in your industry
  • Begin conversations with your connections
  • Understand best practice for the 6 key content types
  • Identify the five key elements of a great pitch as well as cold, warm and hot sales techniques to close the deal
What You’ll Learn
  1. The Power of Personal Branding
    Learn about the power of personal branding and what you can achieve
  2. Understand: Values and Personality
    Describe your personality and values, and learn how it fits with your personal brand
  3. Understand: Life-stage and Resources
    Recognise your life-stage and resources and how they align with your personality and values
  4. Build: Social Media
    Identify the different social media channels and what might work for your brand
  5. Build: LinkedIn
    The importance of LinkedIn for your personal branding and how to set up your profile
  6. Build: Websites and SEO
    Recognise the importance of a website in your marketing strategy and how to boost your SEO
  7. Leverage: Connections and Content
    Recognise different tools to find more connections and generate high quality content
  8. Leverage: Pitch and Close
    Identify the key elements of a great pitch followed by cold, warm and hot sales techniques to close the deal 
Who is this suitable for?

Business owners, freelancers and professionals looking to harness the power of social media by integrating their personal brand with their business.

Marketing professionals wanting to build industry network and generate business leads by establishing themselves as an expert.

Agency teams ready to deeply understand the process of establishing the personal brand with expertise that outperforms the competition and to increase their service offering for the clients.

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Do I need to attend all of the sessions and if so why?
There are four sessions and it’s important that you attend all of them to make sure that you get everything you need for success. Each session builds on the previous ones to create a comprehensive experience that delivers results.

Is it all just theory?
No, right through the course you’ll learn by doing. There’s checklists and templates, discussions, activities and action planning. You’ll walk away with a comprehensive set of resources that you’ll know how to put to work and a clear plan that you can put into action.

What can I expect from my virtual learning experience?
Prior to your virtual learning experience there’s a blog and video to get you thinking and you’ll need to complete a self-assessment in the course workbook. Across the sessions you’ll learn from our expert trainer, engage in discussions and activities that will put your new knowledge to work, build your network and share your expertise.
It’s a face-to-face workshop reimagined for virtual delivery. Following the course, you’ll have access to the content online, along with our private Facebook group and mentors to transfer the learning back to the frontline.

Who should build a personal brand?
Anyone who wants to create a legitimate competitive advantage in whichever career path they’re on or want to take should look at building a personal brand. You don’t need to be successful to start building your personal brand — because, assuming everything else is relatively equal, a personal brand is the most effective way to stand out.

Will I get any support during this course?
Apart from the detailed online course, you will have the support of Social Media College’s expert mentors, who can assist you at every step of the to build your personal brand.

Payment Option

1 x Single Payment

AUD $795 AUD $775

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