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Social Media Strategy

This course has been designed for any individual, social media freelancer/agency or small-medium business to give you all the knowledge and skills you need to develop a comprehensive, effective social media strategy that will deliver the results you’ve been looking for.

Study Mode

This course is 100% online and can be completed at a time convenient to you.


This course is designed to be completed in 20 hours.

Delivered by

Social Media College

About the Course

Learn from leading social media experts
Our course leaders are experts in using social media effectively and you’ll learn from them how to design your strategy to impact your audience with relevant content that moves them from follower to customer.

Implement your strategy with immediate effect
Right through this course you’ll be working on the strategy for your chosen organisation or personal brand. There are templates for every step that will build together to form a comprehensive strategy document or presentation. By them time you’re done you’ll have everything ready to go!

Join a community of like-minded business experts
Share your experiences with other students within the Social Media Strategy course and in our vibrant Facebook community.

Key Benefits
After you’ve completed this online course, you’ll have the essential skills to develop a comprehensive and effective social media strategy.

  • Understand buyer stages and their impact on strategy and content
  • Put your social media strategy in the context of your organisation or personal brand
  • Conduct a social media audit on your existing presence
  • Assess consistency, performance, SEO, brand and competitors
  • Write objectives and KPIs that drive and measure performance
  • Develop audience personas to target with relevant content
  • Choose the right channel to suit your organisation or personal brand
  • Understand content categories, purpose and formats
  • Collaborate with your audience and influencers for greater engagement
  • Plan in detail for budget, resourcing and management
  • Analyse data metrics to gain insights and continuously improve
What You’ll Learn
  1. Welcome and Introduction to Social Media Strategy
    Understand social media marketing and the strategy development process
  2. Start where you are
    Use a social media audit and SWOT analysis to establish your current state
  3. Defining Objectives
    Align your social media strategy with you organisation/personal brand strategy
  4. Identifying Your Audience
    Audience segmentation, behaviour, demographics and persona
  5. Choosing the Right Channel
    Inform your choice with channel usage, purpose, content and performance
  6. Content Strategy
    Content categories, purpose, topics, formats, repurposing and scheduling
  7. Being Social
    Collaboration opportunities, influencer partnerships, community management
  8. Implementing the Strategy
    Paid advertising, budgeting, resourcing, implementation and management tools
  9. Analysing for Improvement
    Data metrics, tracking expenses, analysis and insights, performance reports
Who is this suitable for?

Business owners, freelancers and individuals looking for better engagement and results from their social media efforts, needing a clear, easy to action approach.

Marketing professionals wanting to increase ROI for existing clients and demonstrate advanced knowledge of strategic planning to prospective customers.

Agency teams ready to deeply understand the drivers and influencers of successful social media campaigns and wanting to stand out in the social media agency scene with expertise that outperforms the competition.

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Do I need to go through some study material beforehand?
Not really, however you need to select an organisation that you would want to work on for this course. This could be your own business, future business, an organisation you are currently working for, a hypothetical business or your own personal brand.

Can I develop strategies for my own business or my employer’s business?
Yes, whether you’re a business owner or a marketing professional, you’ll be able to develop a comprehensive strategy that engages new customers and adds real value. It will also pinpoint your exact target market & create new revenue streams.

What social media channels are taught in this course?
The Big Five – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. You will be able to understand the purpose of each channel and whether it serves your business or personal needs.

Is it all just theory?
No, right through the course you’ll learn by doing. There’s checklists and templates, discussions, activities and action planning. You’ll walk away with a comprehensive set of resources that you’ll know how to put to work and a clear plan that you can put into action.

Payment Option

1 x Single Payment

AUD $795 AUD $775

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