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5 Tips to make the most out of studying on Zoom

5 Tips to Make The Most Out Of Studying on Zoom

In the current world, most teaching and learning now occurs through a rectangular zoom screen. While many are enjoying the flexibility of online learning, we often hear that students miss the social interactions they get during and after class, which makes them feel isolated and lonely, and less motivated to study.

1. Test your Zoom client app

Once you have Zoom downloaded and installed, try a test meeting, perhaps with another student so they can do the same. Check the volume levels, ensure that your webcam is working, and get an idea of what functionality Zoom offers like chat, reactions, screen sharing, and more.

2. Select “Speaker View” to focus on the current speaker

This will show the speaker’s current video stream, or at least their name, making it easy to identify who is talking or whose dog is barking in the background.

3. Mute your microphone when not talking or presenting

This is especially important if you are in an environment where background noise might be a factor. When everyone is following this courtesy, it makes it much easier to hear what you need to hear.

4. Use Chat for questions

If you have a question but don’t want to interrupt the lesson, simply type it into the chat. That way the trainer can come back to it when they are ready, you don’t disrupt the flow of the class, and you may find that many of the other students are as interested in the answer as you are.

5. Finally, participate!

Zoom is not the same as a real classroom, but it offers the same things in many aspects. If you keep your camera on and participate in discussions as they come up, you will find yourself naturally more engaged and having a better time with your classmates and trainers. There’s no turning off the webcam in real life. Try to act the same online to normalise and socialise the experience.

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