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Approved tips and insights to build a successful marketing career

Expert- Approved tips and insights to build a successful marketing career

Author: Shivani Tholasi MIML, Membership and Higher Education Coordinator

The marketing world is dynamic and ever-changing, with new trends, technologies, and methods emerging all the time. In order to be successful and stand out in this ever-changing market, it is critical to be resilient, adapt, and evolve in response to new trends. Read the article below for some tips and tactics shared by our industry experts on how to set yourself up for career success and stand out in a crowd to land a successful career in marketing.

 Expert- Approved tips and insights to build a successful marketing career

Alexandra Youngman MIML, Digital Designer at Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia & New Zealand.

As a digital designer working as a recent graduate for IML ANZ, I understand from firsthand experience the uncertainty that comes with applying for your first job. For example, I wish professors at university had told me to prepare my portfolio/resume earlier so I would have been in a position to start researching companies in advance with a view to having a job placement ready for graduation.

Following my experience working within a marketing team, I think it’s important to stay on-top of current trends by undertaking your own ongoing market research. Following brand evolution in your work is crucial to staying up to date with user interests. Trends which I tend to follow include user centred design, visual inclusivity, and an illustrative style. To be successful as a designer in marketing I think it’s key to be experimental and seek inspiration by monitoring what other creatives are doing. I recommend that graduates in marketing look to fully understand the company’s product offerings, what is the target market and competition and how the companies value proposition creates differentiation. This will allow you to think outside the box, understand holistically your companies offering and how your individual work contributes!

 Expert- Approved tips and insights to build a successful marketing career

David Cromarty AFIML, Marketing and Communications Manager at Westpac Rescue Helicopter Services.

With so many tools available to modern marketers, from social media platforms, through to automation and analytics, it’s easy to lose sight of the ‘basics’ – satisfying customers.
You can get so immersed in the science of marketing, that you can actually lose sight of your customer and the value they seek from your product or service.
My best advice for any young marketer is to take the time to understand the value proposition your customers are seeking. What unique combination of benefits and price makes your product superior to your competition? Actually, talk to your customers, identify this and you are well on your way to understanding what makes a good marketer.

 Expert- Approved tips and insights to build a successful marketing career

Ben Luks CMgr MIML, Marketing Manager at Aptus Business Solutions

As technology continues to drive new and exciting changes in the marketing space, it is so important that graduates develop the ability to remain agile and learn fast. Thankfully, these changes in technology have also underpinned the growth in online learning, meaning it is far easier for marketing students to learn about the latest marketing platforms, channels, and strategies.
This, however, requires a significant level of dedication and effort. If you want to stand-out when applying for your first marketing role, demonstrate that you have not just completed your qualification, but you have ventured further and started developing your marketing skillset.

 Expert- Approved tips and insights to build a successful marketing career

Daniel Fisher MIML, Marketing & Communications Team Leader at Heritage Lifecare

Developing your personal brand is key to standing out in a crowded marketplace. Freelance and Volunteer marketing experience is a good way to set yourself up toward success. Secondly, your resume is your personal promotion tool, you need to hook and captivate the hiring manager. Modify your resume to the industry you are applying for to achieve better relevance. You can put your best foot forward by leading with key benefits and return on investment statements. Lastly, build your credibility through endorsements. Seek testimonials from previous projects and join relevant professional associations who can propel your career forward.

Success comes naturally from the things we are curious and passionate about. The earlier you can find an industry that you can personally connect with, the more likely you are to persevere through difficulties and excel professionally as a marketer.

Valuing excellence over perfection enables you to capitalise on the best use of your time and approaching every situation as an opportunity to learn will take your career to new heights. People grow at different rates, therefore it’s ok to be where you are at. And remember, brilliance usually comes from a well-rested mind, not from workplace burnout.

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