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Advanced Diploma of Blockchain

Harness the Innovative Power of Blockchain!

Annual global spending on blockchain applications has almost tripled since 2017. The application of blockchain and the use cases for a transparent, verifiable register of data are endless and many entrepreneurs have come to believe that blockchain could transform many businesses.

The uses of this technology go far beyond banking and cryptocurrency with uses that can be applied to sectors such as gaming, security, IT, logistics, insurance, healthcare, voting, education and many more.

The advantages that blockchain presents will lead to much wider awareness, demand and therefore greater career and employment prospects.

But what makes Blockchain the number one hard skill this year?

Why Blockchain is the number one hard skill in 2020 and beyond

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a form of distributed ledger technology where decentralised electronic ledgers that record, store and transmit data in cryptographic blocks that are chained to other blocks forming a linear method of data storage. Each block contains unique code or hash numbers. Any unauthorised alteration will result in the block becoming invalid and ignored.

Distributed ledger platforms are distributed on public databases on multiple servers and require, both, a private key, which needs to be verified by public key, for any data change to be validly made. As such, since the system cannot be hacked from a single point, blockchain and distributed ledger technology provide the best data security to-date.

Although the first application of blockchain technology was in cryptocurrency by Bitcoin, it is now used in increasingly diverse areas. Its applications span a variety of innovative uses across many industries, from FinTech and other technology companies; banks; supply chain, logistics and shipping companies; supermarkets and large retailers; farming industries; gaming industries; medical data storage; humanitarian organisations and much more.

Watch the short video that explains further how blockchain is used in many cases.

The Edge: Companies are shifting to Blockchain technology

From IBM to De Beers Diamonds to Spotify, many large companies utilise blockchain technology for various applications. It is a solution that is increasingly being used, not just for backend applications but also for consumer transactions. With the advent of blockchain technology, transactions are more efficient, more secure and less costly. Especially in international cross border trades, contracts and financial transactions, blockchain technology, with immutable data, provides trust and speed to all these transactions.

Regardless of whether a company is looking at maintaining, scaling up or just starting to utilise blockchain technology, the need for qualified people is growing exponentially. According to LinkedIn, blockchain has topped the list of skills employers are looking for in the USA, UK, France, Germany and Australia. Blockchain placed number 1 of the top 10 most in-demand hard skills globally.

The Goal: Career Opportunities

As more large industries leverage on blockchain technology, there is an increased demand for people qualified in applied blockchain technology to work in this fast-growing field.

Besides technology companies and large business organisations, blockchain is increasingly being used by governments, the largest employers in most countries.

The list of jobs that require blockchain qualifications includes, Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Solution Architects, Blockchain Project Manager, Blockchain Software Developers, Blockchain UX Designer, Blockchain Quality Engineers, and more. There is also a need for non-technical jobs, such as Legal Consultants, Accountants and Management, to be well versed in blockchain to be able to fully exploit the potential of blockchain technology.

Depending on the role, the advertised salaries in Australia for qualified blockchain engineers can range from $70,000 to over $100,000.

There is a skills shortage of blockchain developers in Australia which presents a career opportunity. Whether you are looking for a new career or to advance in your current position, it pays to get qualified in Applied Blockchain.

The Beginning: Start your career in Blockchain

Pacific Training Group has partnered with Blockchain Collective in providing two CRICOS registered ASQA accredited courses in Diploma in Applied Blockchain (10849NAT) and Advanced Diploma in Applied Blockchain (10747NAT). These are delivered through PTGOnline, as a fully online course and also as a blended-learning option. Overseas students are able to start online, then complete the course in one of Pacific Training Group’s campuses in either Sydney or the Gold Coast.

Both applied blockchain diploma courses developed by Blockchain Collective are closely aligned with industry demands and needs. Upon successful completion of the course, graduates of both applied blockchain diploma courses will be conferred the title of ‘Associate Fellow of Blockchain Australia’.

Pacific Training Group (PTG) is a registered training organisation (RTO) in Australia. With campuses centrally located in Sydney CBD and in Surfer’s Paradise in the Gold Coast, together with a comprehensive interactive online learning platform, PTGOnline, Pacific Training Group is able to offer both diploma in applied blockchain courses as fully online courses or as blended learning option*.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, until government restrictions are lifted, on-campus classes are temporarily run using Remote Live classes via Zoom Client for Meetings. This is done for the health and safety of all our students and staff. Except for the location of the trainers and students, the classes are conducted exactly as it would have been conducted on-campus. As such, the shift to Remote Live classes via Zoom Client for Meetings, will not impact the course and learning outcomes for the students. This COVID safe method of teaching is the same method adopted by reputable tertiary institutions throughout Australia.

Our trainers are highly experienced in the industry with knowledge in technical and application of blockchain technology.

Through the PTGOnline platform, students get access to all recommended course materials, video content, live webinars with trainers, one-on-one trainer support, student support services, student chat rooms for study group interaction, and more.

At Pacific Training Group, we offer our students flexible payment terms. Talk to one of our education advisers and get the help you need to get you started.

Promotions for fully online studies at Pacific Training Group are applicable until November 30, 2020. Get 40% off on your fees when you pay in full, or 20% off on interest-free instalment plans.