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How much can I earn in the Blockchain Industry?

How Much Can I Earn In The Blockchain Industry?

The whole world is talking about Blockchain Technology these days, and it’s no wonder why. This revolutionary technology has been steadily rising in popularity since the introduction of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 which has led to widespread attention from everyone on earth!

The blockchain industry is a fast-paced field that’s only getting more exciting. With hundreds of organisations aiming to implement this technology, the demand for experts has skyrocketed in recent years and will likely continue at an elevated pace as well!

This means that there are tonnes of jobs out there waiting for someone who can do everything needed: from programmers developing software to entrepreneurs creating their own applications, the demand for skilled professionals in this industry is very high.

So, what are the hot jobs right now and what do these roles pay? Check out our list below of the highest paying jobs within this sector; and with a little luck plus one of our Blockchain Diplomas on your Resume, you may be able make your way into one these sought-after positions soon enough!

The top 5 highest paying jobs in the Blockchain Industry.

Please note that ordinarily we would show you how much you can earn in Australia alone since we are based in Australia. But below we will discuss these roles on a Global Scale. Why? Because another perk about this ground-breaking industry is that you can easily work with teams remotely from all around the world! A lot of these up-and-coming blockchain organisations have no fixed headquarters, and because of this, there are so many remote roles available no matter where you are located.

You can see the exciting roles that are available right now on websites such as Cryptocurrency Jobs, and therefore we will use the average salaries from their platform to keep you informed. The top 5 salaries for crypto-related professions are:

Blockchain developer (Average Salary US$123,750)

How much can I earn in the Blockchain Industry?

Blockchain developers are in high demand to create new technologies and solve problems with blockchain. This is one of the most popular roles in this industry and it is easy to see why. With this new technology, that has the potential for changing everything from how we do transactions to what our internet-of-things future may look like; there will always be an ample supply of organisations looking for qualified candidates, with many companies vying to hire them.

Blockchain developers are needed for their skills that allow them to create the best solutions and new technologies using advanced technology. They are responsible for running all processes of blockchain applications, and they establish Blockchain infrastructure that ensures safety standards against cyberattacks.

The technical skillset required by employers varies depending on which type or level within their organisation they need assistance with but include excellent programming abilities and knowledge of blockchain technology itself.

The lowest base salary for a remote blockchain developer is around US$70,000 and the highest base salary is around US$200,000. You can also choose to be paid in Fiat money or Crypto.

Solidity developer (Average Salary US$127,500)

How much can I earn in the Blockchain Industry?

Solidity Developers are the ones who create and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum based applications. The native language of the Ethereum blockchain (Solidity) gives enterprises complete control over projects that use this platform that was created by Vitalik Buterin back in 2015. With its native status, developers have the complete advantage in launching their projects with this blockchain platform – giving them an edge over other competitors! So, it is really worth your while to how to get involved.

The demand for Solidity developers is growing as blockchain and smart contract technologies continue evolving. These experts can create, audit, write tests and review the smart contracts. They also have the knowledge to become blockchain developers too!

The lowest base salary for a remote Solidity developer is around US$100,000 with a high base salary of around US$200,000. You can also choose to be paid in Fiat money or Crypto.

Blockchain Engineer (Average Salary US$128,400)

How much can I earn in the Blockchain Industry?

In today’s world of technology, there is a need for individuals who can understand this industry and adapt quickly. Blockchain engineers are in high demand because they must have expertise not just with traditional computer science but also economic principles like incentive systems or supply-demand equilibrium models. Blockchain engineers are the future of this technology. They develop and implement accelerators to elevate an organisation’s infrastructure, ensure applications are secure with their knowledge of cryptography while also understanding web development on both front end and back-end levels.

A blockchain engineer is a versatile and necessary role in the ever-changing world of technology. Blockchain engineers must have an eye for new technologies, creativity with programming skills, as well as knowledge regarding the economic aspects that come into play when creating decentralised applications (DApps).

The lowest base salary for a remote blockchain engineer is roughly US$60,000 and the highest base salary is around US$250,000. You can also choose to be paid in Fiat money or Crypto.

Blockchain Business Development Representative (Average Salary US$122,500)

How much can I earn in the Blockchain Industry?

The business development professionals are the ones who get to work with blockchain projects around the world. They’re tasked with promoting sales and building new relationships, as well attending some exhibitions or events relating specifically to this technology for networking opportunities. They also drive plans that will help their company grow in an exciting way with blockchain technology!

Blockchain Business Development professionals drive sales and partnerships, coordinate across teams to onboard users and lead the development for new business opportunities. They’ll research new opportunities that aligns well with the company’s needs while developing income streams from old ones!

This role is perfect for someone who is a go-getter, full of ideas and eager to take on new challenges. The perfect fit? Someone who is driven – ambitious yet detail oriented enough not only understand how it all works but also knows what needs to be done next, so things don’t slip through the cracks.

The lowest base salary for a blockchain business development professional is around US$90,000 with a high base salary of US$150,000. You can also choose to be paid in Fiat money or Crypto.

Blockchain Product Designer (Average Salary US$100,000)

How much can I earn in the Blockchain Industry?

A Blockchain product designer is a key player in the world of digital currencies. They’re responsible for designing and producing new features on wallets, applications or anything else that has to do with the technology built around cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin – so this makes them kind-of important! They work closely with developers, engineers and other designers on the project to bring those dreams into reality by designing user interfaces as well as flows of each feature’s operation in production environments like app stores or online marketplaces where these products will live forevermore after launch day!

This career suits the ultimate problem solvers of the world. Those who have what it takes to turn ideas into reality and solve any design challenge, whether it’s an NFT or a full-fledged DAO! If your creativity is matched by your ability for innovation; then this might be your perfect job!

The lowest base salary for a remote blockchain product designer around US$90,000 and a higher end base salary is roughly US$110,000. You can also choose to be paid in Fiat money or Crypto.

Start your career in the Blockchain Industry today

How much can I earn in the Blockchain Industry?

Technology is transforming the way we live and work. The world of tomorrow will be built on blockchain technology, which offers new opportunities for individuals who take the time to educate themselves about this exciting field.

The blockchain is a cutting-edge technology that will be around for years to come. And as it evolves, so do the opportunities in Blockchain Expertise! Whether you’re not sure what this “blockchain” thing even means or if you are unsure about getting into computer science – don’t worry because there are plenty of other ways those interested can make money with their expertise on these exciting new innovations. As innovation accelerates so can our careers.

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