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How to Study Online Effectively

How to Study Online Effectively

With the advent of computers and the subsequent rise of internet usage, more and more educational institutions are offering online learning as an alternative to classroom sessions. It can be easy to get distracted with all the things the internet offers, this can while away your time and could lead to issues when completing your course requirements! So, what study habits should you develop to help you focus when completing your online studies? Below, we have compiled some of the more popular tips and tricks that students have been using to help them study online effectively. Let’s take a look!

 How to Study Online Effectively


One of the most effective tips that we found was to designate a place as your study space. A study space is described as a “physical setting for a learning environment, in which teaching and learning can occur.” As such, your study space should provide you with privacy, comfort and free you from distractions that you will find in any other room at the house. Having a study space allows you and the members of your household to know that when you go there, you shouldn’t be disturbed.

 How to Study Online Effectively


Maintaining a study schedule allows your mind to condition itself that at a certain time of the day, you are going to be “in the zone.” It also allows you to be more organised, which helps remove uncertainty from your study and helps you focus on getting the best results possible.

 How to Study Online Effectively


There are several ways that you can be proactive in your online studies. Remember, you do not have the physical presence of your trainer to motivate you to keep focused. As such, you have to make sure that you’re always on top of things. The most common trick is to jot down notes, which helps retain understanding or recording bits and pieces of audio. You can also write down questions that you can have your trainer clarify. It differs for everyone, but always keep in mind that whatever it is you do, it shouldn’t distract you from your online studies.

 How to Study Online Effectively


A lot of people (students and workers alike) tend to misinterpret breaks as slacking off from the work. This is simply not true. Research has found that taking purposeful breaks (anywhere from 5-60 minutes) can actually help refresh your brain and allow you to be more productive in your studies.

You have to be careful of how you spend your breaks though, as your mind doesn’t recognise scrolling through social media as a break.

How to Study Online Effectively


Lastly, keep yourself motivated. There’s a motivational video circulating around social media showing a clip of Kevin Durant and why he wore the number 35 on his NBA jersey. Every single game, he will start the game by touching the numbers at the front and back of his jersey in honour of his former coach who was a big factor in furthering his basketball career. Each one of us has a reason why we do what we do, it might be family, a goal that you aspire to achieve, or personal growth, and it’s important that we keep these in mind.

Don’t forget that with the right mindset, studying online effectively is very possible. Study hard and reap the reward, as the saying goes. Don’t forget that if ever the need arises, you can always count on us here at PTG to help you with your needs. So work hard, and we are cheering on your success!

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