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What Does the Admissions and Student Support Team (Actually) Do?

Getting admission to study your dream course is always an exciting experience. It marks the beginning of a new professional journey and having access to a functional support system can make every moment a delight.

One mistake people make a lot is not paying enough attention to how schools handle their correspondence. It may look insignificant but it says a lot about how they regard their students.

Things are quite different at Pacific Training Group. As we strive to create a world-class learning atmosphere, we also understand the place of student support in achieving this goal. This is why our admissions team is always on the ground to provide support for students and make sure they get off on the right foot.

So you know the admissions team is there to help you with the admissions process, but what do they actually do on a day to day basis?

Below, we discuss how the team spends their time and the different kinds of support available to students as well as how to access them.

1. Admission Support

What Does the Admissions Team (Actually) Do?

The first step towards securing admission is making sure your application meets the admission requirements. All too often, we get queries from students who are stuck because they’re uncertain about the documents they need.

That’s not something to worry about though. Here at Pacific Training Group, our admission team reviews all applications and provides initial support on the entry requirements for enrolments into any of our courses.

The team will double check that you’ve provided the correct documents so the enrolment process moves along as expected.

It might be the first time you’re going through the application process, but the team does this every day. So not only is the support team fast, they’re accurate.

To apply some context, if an applicant or any of our third-party agents needs extra support, the admission team finds out what they need to know, then refers them to the correct division if necessary.

Likewise, whenever we get requests about the direct services of our partners, we direct such requests to the right channel for more support and information. We also do a series of follow-ups to reduce the wait time, so everyone can go home happy.

2. Student Support

What Does the Admissions Team (Actually) Do?

New students need some time to adapt to their new environment. We’ve all been there and it’s quite usual for students to feel disconnected when they start a new academic journey. Over the years, we’ve seen our students pass through this phase and we know how lonely the journey can be.

So, to make the admissions process easier, our admission team runs a number of orientation sessions to make certain that the new intakes are all set to start their learning journey with PTG.

That’s not all. We’ve also created a welfare initiative that aims at increasing goodwill among the students and creating a first good impression.

Part of the support initiatives from the admissions office include but are not limited to:

  • Providing welcome packs for students.
  • Preparing government-sponsored care packages such as food hampers and accommodation grants.
  • Assisting students to complete required forms and also write letters of support.
  • Coordinating administrative tasks concerning homestay accommodation.
  • Arranging confidential support meetings for students in need of health and other support services in Australia.
  • Arranging support meetings where required.
  • Keeping student records up to date.
  • Responding to any enquiries from current and potential students and agents.

In addition, the admission team also keeps accurate records of student attendance and communicates any absences to the academic management team on time. This is necessary to help students stay up to date with their assessments. It also helps them focus more on their studies.

The Role of Student Ambassadors

What Does the Admissions Team (Actually) Do?

It might interest you to know that our admissions team aren’t alone on this mission. Our student ambassadors also play an important part in providing outstanding student support. They add spice to the entire experience because they understand well what makes their mates tick.

Our student ambassadors are in charge of organising fun and engaging activities for their fellow students. They also support different social, educational and professional events such as:

  • Conducting campus tours.
  • Searching for opportunities and partnerships.
  • Facilitating internship opportunities for students across Australia.
  • Organising career events such as resume writing workshops and job fairs.

These activities ultimately mould our students into young professionals who are capable of meeting the demands of the global workforce.


This might sound like a lot of work but we’re happy to do it. That’s because we’re not only keen on seeing our students get the best learning experience through teaching alone, we’re also happy to provide the necessary support to make their journey a smooth sail.

Do you have any questions about our admissions process? Contact our admissions team today.