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What is a VET Course

What is a VET Course?

Have you ever heard of VET courses? Whether you’re still in school or already employed, VET courses have a lot of benefits to offer. Let’s take an in-depth look as to what a VET course is, its benefits, and how you can enrol in a VET course as an international student.

To put it simply, Vocational Education and Training (VET) is one of the best routes for students who are looking for a quicker means to join the workforce and/or focus on real-world and industry-based training in Australia. It focuses on teaching practical skills that are designed to help you in several scenarios, namely:

  1. To enter the workforce for the first time
  2. Re-join the workforce after a hiatus
  3. Update and learn new skills in your chosen field
  4. Move to a different career

 What is a VET Course

VET courses are organised by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), who ensure that the qualification being studied is nationally recognised. RTOs include Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes and private colleges (including specialised colleges such as technical colleges). RTOs that wish to offer their courses to international students must also be registered with the Australian Government’s Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). CRICOS allows the Australian Government to monitor and assess the education offered to international students and ensure that it is always of a high quality.

Some students may opt to have entry-level training for initial work, or choose to enrol in a course that they can use as a pathway for a university degree. For this reason, VET courses are divided into several levels that are based on the degree of specialisation that students require in their chosen career:

  1. Certificate (I – IV) – Certificate courses are perfect for students who would like an introduction to a new field or for those who are looking to update their skills (i.e., individuals who are looking to re-join the workforce after a long break). These courses offer fundamental knowledge, skills and training in a specific industry. The higher the certificate number, the higher the level of skill you will have when you graduate.
  2. Diploma – Diploma courses allow students to specialise in a field or move into a more senior role. Some diplomas allow graduates to transfer credits to higher-education courses, allowing them to shorten the duration of study for their degree.
  3. Advanced Diploma – Advanced Diplomas mostly differ with diplomas in the length of time it takes to complete, taking anywhere between 1.5 to two years of study. They are also a great pathway into a bachelor’s degree.
  4. English Language Courses – These are short courses that many VET providers also offer, allowing students to develop their English language skills while preparing to join the workforce.

 What is a VET Course

Because of the shorter time spent training when taking a VET course, it is much easier for students to look for work right away. They can also receive on-the-job training from industry-standard training facilities that allow them to build a competitive portfolio when applying for a job after graduating. And if graduates ever decide to pursue a university degree, their VET qualifications provide an alternative pathway through partnerships and credit transfers!

So how do you enrol in a VET course? It’s easy. Upon choosing a course, you can start completing the online application process. The entry requirements for each course can vary, but basic tests for numeracy and literacy are necessary to show that you can fulfil the work that is expected of you. You can also apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) that allows for your previous work history and life experiences to be considered and potentially recognised to meet the requirements.

 What is a VET Course

As you have read, VET courses and providers are designed to be highly accessible and welcoming to anyone with an interest in studying. Pacific Training Group improves on this design by providing our unique blend of modern campuses, an easy to navigate online learning platform, approachable faculty and staff and practical courses that are designed to lead you to success!

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