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Vida’s Story

Read all about Vida’s time here at Pacific Training Group. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Vida.

Pacific Training Group’s Student Story


Applied Blockchain student

“Just keep on striving, keep your eye on your goal or whatever it is you want to achieve in the future.”

Student Stories Vida


Applied Blockchain student

“It is a good experience. The school has a variety of programs and activities.”

Vida's Story

Vida is currently a student of the Diploma of Applied Blockchain at our Sydney campus. She hails from the Philippines and chose the blockchain course to connect her accountancy and IT backgrounds.

Vida is very passionate about learning. She is also a part-time remote instructor in a college in Manila, teaching accountancy. She also decided on the blockchain course as it is not yet being offered in the Philippines and she plans to share what she will learn back home.

How was your experience enrolling with PTG?

It wasn’t hard for me to enrol because everyone was very helpful. One email I sent; I got a response immediately. They told me what I needed to do and they went the extra mile to give me tips. It was very easy and I didn’t have a hard time.

As someone who works and studies at the same time, what’s your strategy in making sure you are on top of your coursework?

I wouldn’t say that time management is hard because I have a lot of time to do my assessments, readings and research. Sometimes I do them during the weekends, not because I must, but because I like to do the extra reading. My instructor is also very helpful whenever I have questions.

Student Stories Vida
Student Stories Vida
Student Stories Vida
Student Stories Vida
Student Stories Vida
Student Stories Vida

What experience stood out for you while studying with PTG?

When applying for a part-time job here in Australia, it is very important for employers to see Australian references. Marie from the management team was kind enough to give me the reference that I needed, and she based in on my performance in school. I am very grateful because it landed me the job that I needed.

What advice can you give students who are also planning to come to Australia to study?

It will not be easy, it can be hard even, since you will need to work and study at the same time. It is worth it though, as the quality of education in Australia is something that is not being offered in the Philippines. Just keep on striving, keep your eye on your goal or whatever it is you want to achieve in the future. Be flexible as you must support yourself while studying.

Vida plans to also enrol in an advanced diploma course after finishing her diploma course. She is very grateful for all the help she got during her enrolment, not just the experience but also how PTG helped her with her tuition fees.

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